Some Foundations in Complex Systems: Entropy, Information, Computation, and Complexity.

David P. Feldman

I have developed a series of lectures which I have delivered at the Santa Fe Institute's annual Complex Systems Summer School in Beijing China since 2004. A list of topics covered is below. Here are the slides from the two most recent versions of the lectures: The Paris lectures were given at the Complex Systems Summer School, Institut des Systemes Complex de Paris Ile-de-France in Paris.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chaos: Part I
  3. Chaos: Part II
  4. Information Theory: Part I
  5. Information Theory: Part II
  6. Extensions to Shannon Entropy
  7. Computation Theory: Part I
  8. Computation Theory: Part II
  9. Computational Mechanics
  10. Survey of Complexity Measures
  11. Complexity vs. Entropy
  12. Toward Two-dimensional Complexity Measures
  13. On the Objective Subjectivity of Complexity
  14. Some Open Questions
  15. Conclusion

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