FTAA Protests in Quebec City

April 19-22

Representative from the government of all nations in North and South America, with the exception of Cuba, met in Quebec City, April 19-22, 2001. The purpose of this summit was to work on developing a NAFTA-like free trade agreement that would span all of the Americas. Around 100,000 activists showed up to protest against the FTAA.

Why people are concerned about the FTAA

Accounts of what happened in quebec


  1. Street Theater
  2. A view of the wall
  3. Toilet paper and the wall
  4. A few of police through the fence
  5. Protesters near the fence
  6. Two people recovering after being tear gassed
  7. Tear gas near the fence
  8. A line of riot cops
  9. Police protecting capital
  10. Protestors milling around near one of the main areas of conflict
  11. Police appropriately labeled
  12. A puppet from the march on Sunday
  13. Practice Safe Trade: A giant green condom from Greenpeace at Sunday's march.
  14. Frankentony with some young protestors at Sunday's march
  15. The raging grannies singing at the march
  16. Another scene from the march
  17. A banner at the march
  18. The march viewed from above
  19. Looking up a street at a cloud of tear gas
  20. A street scene on Sunday
  21. A barricade of riot police in front of an area where the fence was torn down
  22. Somebody getting arrested
  23. Toronto Catholic Workers collective
  24. Toronto Catholic Workers collective again
  25. More Toronto Catholic Workers collective
  26. Another picture of the Toronto Catholic Workers collective
  27. A scene from a street corner
  28. A horrific cloud of tear gas
  29. The street corner after the tear gas
  30. Residents and protestors talking to the line of riot cops
  31. A new batch of riot police arrive
  32. Dancers
  33. Bubbles!

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