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Cyberspace and the Lonely Crowd
By Greg Van Alstyne.

Who Controls Our Food?
By Doreen Stabinsky. A short, non-technical essay discussing genetically engineered food.

Genes, Cells and Organisms are not Corporate Property
By Jonathan King and Doreen Stabinsky. A short piece arguing against granting patents on life forms.

Science by Everyone: Building a World-Wide Community Research Network
By Madeline Scammell and Richard Sclove

Informing Ourselves to Death
A talk given at a computer conference by Neil Postman. A critical look at technology.

Cloning Sheep: Converting Life Forms into Corporate Property

By Jonathan King. Brief, clear-headed thoughts on the implications of cloning.

Fidel Castro
A speech given by Fidel Castro to the South African Parliament in 1998.

Biotechnology under Globalisation: The Corporate Expropriation of Plant, Animal and Microbial Species
By Jonathan King and Doreen Stabinsky. A discussion of the implications of biotechnology in a global economy.

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