Homework Zero: Due 8:00pm, 9 September, 2018

This assignment is different from the typical assignments for this course for two reasons. First, this is by far the shortest assignment and second, most assignments will be due at the end of the day on Friday, not on Sunday evening. Also, this assignment isn't really even graded. It's important that you do it, but there's not really anything I'm going to evaluate you on here.

There are two parts to this assignment:

  1. WeBWorK problem set zero, which can be found at https://courses1.webwork.maa.org/webwork2/coa-es1024i. The main point of this assignment is to get you acclimated to using WeBWorK. If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to seek help.

  2. Please send me a short mathematical autobiography. Some things to mention:
    • Recent math classes you've taken.
    • How math has gone for you in the past. What (if anything) do you like about it, and why? What (if anything) about math frustrates or challenges you, and why?
    • Is there anything else you want me know as the course starts?
    There is no need to write a lot unless you have lot to get off your chest. A single paragraph is fine, and the writing style does not need to be formal. I'd prefer to get these via email, but paper in my mailbox is also ok.