Reading and Schedule for Intro to Chaos and Fractals

This will change frequently. Check back often.

All readings are from James Gleick, Chaos: Making a New Science, unless otherwise noted.

Also see the list of assignments and due dates.


Class Date Reading Comments
1 Thursday, January 4

2 Monday, January 8 The Butterfly Effect, pp. 9-32. Do not read the Prologue. Come to class with several written questions and/or comments about the reading. I will collect these questions and look them over.
3 Thursday, January 11 Revolution, pp. 33-56.
4 Monday, January 15 Probably No New Reading
5 Thursday, January 18

6 Monday, January 22

7 Thursday, January 25

8 Monday, January 29 Discuss Geometry of Nature Summary of Chaos. Initial fractal exercise.
9 Thursday, February 1 Look over "Life's Ups and Downs" John Anderson visit!
10 Monday, February 5 Read "Strange Attractors" In class we'll learn how to define dimension.
11 Thursday, February 8
Discuss "Strange Attractors"
12 Monday, February 12
Begin complex numbers, Midterm Review
12.5 Monday, February 12
6:45 pm: Fractal Show and Tell, Location TBA
13 Thursday, February 15
No class -- meet in groups.
14 Monday, February 19
Introduction to Julia Sets
15 Thursday, February 22
Discuss "Universality" and "The Experimenter"
16 Monday, February 26 "Images of Chaos" Mandelbrot Sets
17 Thursday, March 1 "The Dynamical Systems Collective" Rhea, Dan, and Addie Present
18 Monday, March 5 "Inner Rhythms" Rita and Chaos and Fractals and Literature
19 Thursday, March 8 "Chaos and Beyond" Kate and Kyla present. Summary
20 Monday, March 12 No Reading Presentations from Ira and Raphael, Lauren and Tracy, and Nathaniel
20.5 Monday, March 12: 6:30 PM No reading Presentations from Andrew and Berkeley, and Brandi, Jessi, and Kali
21 Thursday, March 15 Corson's Inlet Final thoughts, course evaluations

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