Chaotic Dynamics

Final Projects

General Information

Preliminary Project Guidelines

Here are some properties of an excellent final project:
  1. Most importantly, you should learn something in the course of doing your project. Ideally, you'll find one or two ideas that you'll want to explore thoroughly.
  2. You should meet all deadlines.
  3. Whatever medium you choose -- talk, paper, etc -- your project should be well presented. You should have a clear audience in mind.
  4. Your project should be more than a "book" report. You should do something. This might entail building something, writing or experimenting with computer programs, or doing a bunch of problems.
  5. Your project should be something you work on over several weeks. It should not be hastily completed during week 9.
  6. In most cases, you should consult several references, not just one. It is also desirable (although in many cases this won't be feasible) for you to consult a primary reference or two in addition to texts.

Possible Project Ideas

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