Homework Assignments

Introduction to Computer Science

Please submit your assignments by sending me email at: daveATh0rnacekDOTc0aDOTedu. Please include your name and the homework number in the subject line: E.g., "Dave's HW1". Please include each file as a plain text attachment.


Unless otherwise noted, all problems are from our textbook.

  1. One: Due Friday Jan 6, midnight. Chapter 1, problems 5 and 8.
  2. Two: Due Friday Jan 12, midnight. Chapter 2, problems 1, 12, and 14.
  3. Three: Due Friday Jan 19, midnight. The assignment is here.
  4. Four: Due Friday Jan 26, midnight. Chapter 4, problems 5, and 12.
  5. Five: Due Friday Feb 2, midnight. The assignment is here.
  6. Six: Due Friday Feb 9, midnight. The assignment is here.
  7. Seven: Due Friday Feb 16, midnight. Chapter 7, Problem 13 OR 16.
  8. Eight: Due by the end of the term. The assignment is here. (The handout erroneously says that it is assignment 7.)