Human Ecology Core Course: What to Expect

This class is quite likely very different than other classes you may have taken. Given this, it's important to know what to expect, so you know what you're getting in to.

  • I've taught this class once before. Nevertheless, I'm not certain exactly how it will go. I am certain that I'm very excited to teach it and that I have a lot of ideas that I want to try out. I'm very confident it will go well, but I can't predict exactly how.

  • Although I'm unsure of a few of the particular steps, I do have a definite plan for this class. There will be times when things may seem a little disconnected. You may find yourself asking, "what does A have to do with B", and by all means give voice to these questions. I do think there's a "big picture" or a semi-coherent whole to the different things I want to do, but it might not always be apparent until we're closer to the end of the ten weeks.

  • More than most classes, the success of this course, for you and your classmates, depends on you. This class will only be effective if you put time and thought into it, participate actively, and if we all work together to make connections and answer questions.

  • This class is a beginning, not an end. I hope that you'll leave the class with more questions than you entered. I hope this class helps to transform the nature of the questions you ask, rather than providing all the answers.

  • From time to time we'll do some role playing exercises and other group activities. Sometimes the reason for doing them won't be clear until the activities is over. I will never set you up for failure or ridicule or anything like that. And you can always opt out at any time.

  • In the final two-thirds of this class there will be many, many handouts. You may wish to buy a binder, or figure out some other way to keep everything organized.

  • We'll be doing a lot of different things in this class. Some of them you'll like more than others.

  • At times, this class will be a lot of work. It's thus important that you start readings and assignments early.

  • If you're having trouble or are confused about something, it's very important that you seek help sooner rather than later. You need to take responsibility to seek help if you need it.

  • The exact syllabus for this class is quite flexible; feedback is encouraged, and will help make the class better.

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