If you are interested in taking this course you must complete this online questionnaire by midnight on Friday, February 8.

Enrollment in this class is by permission of instructor only. The reason that we are doing this is so that we can get a mix of students in the course. We seek those with a strong background in physics or math or business, but we also want to make the class available to some students with possibly less of a background in these areas, but who have interest and experience in other aspects of energy and energy policy and politics. We also are aiming for a mix of students: from first-years to seniors.

Because of limited equipment and lab space, the course is capped at 20 students. We will offer the course again in spring of 2011, so if you don't get in this year you will have another chance to take it.

The main text for this course will be David MacKay's Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air. This book is available in hard copy and for free online at: http://www.withouthotair. It's an awesome book.

For more information, click on the course description on the left. We will also be at advising brunch on Wednesday the 17th and you can also send us email.