Reading and Schedule for Gender and Science

This will change, especially toward the second half of the course. When in doubt, check the online version.

Class Date Reading Comments
W e e k    O n e
1 Tuesday, April 2
Introductions. True-false exercise.
2 Friday, April 5
  • Ruth Hubbard, Gender Ideology and the Biology of Sex Differences. pp. 163-178. From Profitable Promises, to be handed out.
  • Ruth Hubbard, Science and Science Criticism, pp 49-51.
  • Evelyn Fox Keller, From Working Scientist to Feminist Critic, pp. 59-62.
  • What is science, what is feminism pre-essay due.
    W e e k    T w o
    3 Tuesday, April 9
  • Muriel Lederman and Ingrid Bartsch, Creating Androcentric Science, pp. 63-67. (Introduction to Section II.)
  • Carolyn Merchant, Dominion over Nature, pp. 68-81.
  • Sharon Begley, The Science Wars, pp. 114-118
  • National Academy of Science, Methods and Values, pp. 111-113
  • John Ziman. Real Science: What it is, and what it means. Chapters 1-3.
  • What is science?
    4 Friday, April 12
  • A scientific journal article, TBA.
  • Christine Wenneras and Agnes Wold, Nepotism and Sexism in Peer-Review, pp. 42-48.
  • How to read a scientific paper. Discussion of peer review, grants, funding, etc. Discussion Preparation
    W e e k    T h r e e
    5 Tuesday, April 16 Sue V. Rosser, Are there feminist methodologies appropriate to the natural sciences and do they make a difference?, pp. 123-144. What is feminism? Discussion of different feminisms. Discussion Preparation
    6 Friday, April 19 Evelyn Fox Keller, Secrets of God, Nature, and Life. pp. 98-110. Gender. Further discussion of feminisms. Presentation and discussion of group analyses of different examples of the use of science.
    W e e k    F o u r
    7 Wednesday, April 24 Londa Schiebinger, Has Feminism Changed Science? Introduction, Chapters 1-5. Discuss readings. Begin preparation for panel discussion. Discussion Preparation
    8 Friday, April 26 Londa Schiebinger, Has Feminism Changed Science. Chapter 9 and Chapter 6, 7, OR 8. Paper analysis due. Groups present chapters. Discussion Preparation
    W e e k    F i v e
    9 Tuesday, April 30
    Science revisited
    10 Friday, May 3
    Further discussion of Kuhn.
    W e e k    S i x
    11 Tuesday, May 7 Donna Haraway, Situated Knowledges: The science question in feminism and the privilege of partial knowledge. pp. 169-188. Discussion Preparation
    12 Friday, May 10
    Panel Discussion!!!
    W e e k    S e v e n
    13 Tuesday, May 14 Sandra Harding, Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. Discussion of panel discussion. Thoughts on Bias and Objectivity
    14 Friday, May 17

    W e e k    E i g h t
    15 Tuesday, May 21
    Student-led discussions.
    16 Friday, May 24
    Student-led discussions.
    W e e k    N i n e
    17 Tuesday, May 28
    Student-led discussion.
    18 Friday, May 31
    Student-led discussion. Where do we go from here? What are the alternatives?
    W e e k    T e n
    19 Tuesday, June 4

    20 Friday, June 7 No class
    Final Due

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