Reading and Schedule for The Internet

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Class Date Reading Comments
1 Monday, March 27
Introductory Stuff
2 Thursday, March 30 Unfinished Business article.

3 Monday, April 3 The Soft Edge, Chapter 1-10.

4 Thursday, April 6 The Soft Edge, Chapters 11-19.
Feel free to skip chapter 18.
5 Monday, April 10 Reserve Readings, Philosophy and Sociology of Technology:
  • Introductory Essay: Social Shaping of Technology
  • Winner, Do Artifacts Have Politics?
  • Haraway, Modest_Witness@Second_Millenium
  • Wajcman, Feminist Perspectives on Technology

6 Thursday, April 13 Reserve Reading TBA, Philosophy and Sociology of Technology.
  • Ceruzzi, Inventing Personal Computing
  • Hoffmann, Writers, Texts, and Writing Acts: gendered user images in word processing software

7 Monday, April 17 Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Chapters 1 and 3.

8 Thursday, April 20
  • Rich Media, Poor Democracy, Chapter 4 only.
  • Wired and Yahoo mini-presentations and discussion.

9 Monday, April 24 Readings on Internet Culture selected by:
10 Thursday, April 27 Readings on Internet Culture selected by: Midterm Evaluation
11 Monday, May 1 Readings on Internet Culture selected by:
12 Thursday, May 4
  • Reading selected by: Lawrence Norton
  • Cyberdemocracy: Internet and the Public Sphere, Mark Poster.
  • Progressive Politics, Individualism, and the Myth of Virtual Community, Joseph Lockhard The last two readings are in Internet Culture
Gray Cox will be joining us for a discussion of cyberdemocracy and online communities.
13 Monday, May 8
  1. Cyberspace and Place: The internet as middle landscape on the Electronic Frontier. Dave Healy. (In Internet Culture, on reserve.)
  2. An Archeology of Cyberspaces: Virtuality, Community, Identity. Shawn Wilbur. (In Internet Culture, on reserve.)
  3. The heart of the WELL. Howard Reingold. (In Composing Cyberspace, on reserve.)
  4. Is There are There in Cyberspace? John Perry Barlow. (In Composing Cyberspace, on reserve.)
More on online communities
14 Thursday, May 11
  1. The Presentation of Self in Electronic Life: Goffman on the Internet, Hugh Miller.
  2. Researchers Find Sad, Lonely World in Cyberspace.
  3. Identity Management in Cyberspace, John Suler. Suler has many other essays on the psychology of cyberspace available on his website.
  4. Two short articles sent out via email.
15 Monday, May 15 No Reading
Discuss online community experiences.
16 Thursday, May 18
  1. Flesh Made Word: Sex, Text and the Virtual Body. Shannon McRae. Internet Culture.
  2. Come in, CQ: The Body on the Wire. Ellen Ullman. Composing Cyberspace.
  3. Women and Children First. Laura Miller. Composing Cyberspace.
Gender and Identity
17 Monday, May 22
  1. Lisa Nakamura, Race In/For Cyberspace: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet
  2. Allison Fraiberg, Electronic Fans, Interpretive Flames: Performing Queer Sexualities in Cyberspace
Both of these articles can be found at:
Discussion with Karen Waldron?
18 Thursday, May 25
  1. Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojevic, Exclusing and Communication in the Information Era. In "Women@Internet", on reserve.
  2. Jon Stratton, Cyberspace and the Globalization of Culture. In "Internet Culture", on reserve.
Global perspectives.
17 Monday, May 29 A Manifesto for Bad Subjects in Cyberspace
Attempts to synthesize.
20 Thursday, June 1 No Assigned Reading
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