Paper Discussion Questions

Theory and Applications of Complex Networks

Fall 2008

When preparing to discuss papers in class, here are some questions to keep in mind. Please be prepared to respond to these questions in class. I'd suggest writing one or two sentence answers to the first two questions to help you get ready for discussion.
  1. What is the main point of the paper? What question(s) do the authors try to answer?
  2. What is the larger project or problem in which the particular research questions are embedded?
  3. What evidence do the authors provide to support their claims? Were you convinced?
  4. How is the paper written? How is it structured? Who do you think the indented audience(s) are?
  5. What previous work influenced the author(s)? Has the paper influenced others?
  6. What did you find most interesting about the paper?
  7. What questions do you have about the papers?

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