Reading and Schedule for Ordinary Differential Equations

This will be updated frequently. Check back often.

All readings are from Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall, unless otherwise noted.


Class Date Reading Comments
1 Monday, April 2

2 Thursday, April 5 Section 1.1. Section 1.2, only up to p. 27. In class, I'd like to first go over the logistic model, pp. 8-10. If you have questions on the material before p. 8, be ready to ask questions on them. If there aren't questions, we'll begin with the logistic model. This model is important; it will come up again and again. We'll then spend a while discussing predator-prey systems, pp. 11-12.

Section 1.2 is more technical and, perhaps, less interesting than 1.1. Try to keep sight of the forest. Don't get lost in the trees of all the algebraic stuff.

3 Monday, April 9 Finish section 1.2. Feel free to skip the "Savings Model" section. Read all of 1.3, but skip the RC Circuit section, pp. 43-45. The sections we're skipping aren't difficult, but cover applications that I suspect will be of little interest or relevance to many of you.
4 Thursday, April 12 Section 1.4. Skip "A Nonautonomous Example" and "An RC Circuit with Periodic Input".

Section 1.5. All.

Section 1.4 is, I think, straightforward and perhaps a little tedious. The key thing is to understand what Euler's method is and how it works. We'll then do an example in class, and talk some about when and when not to trust numerical work.

I expect to spend the bulk of classtime discussing and pondering Section 1.5. This might be difficult reading; it's the most theoretical stuff we've done so far, and thus has a different flavor than the previous readings. Give it a try, but if it doesn't make perfect sense, don't panic.

5 Monday, April 16 Sections 1.6
6 Thursday, April 19 Sections 1.7
7 Monday, April 23 Sections 1.8, 2.1 Feel free to skip "Mixing Problems Revisited", pp 112-115. I don't think we'll discuss this in class. (There may be a homework problem on it, however.)
8 Thursday, April 26 Section 2.2
9 Monday, April 30 Section 2.3
10 Thursday, May 3 No Reading
11 Monday, May 7 Presentations
11.5 Monday, May 7 Presentations 4:00 - 5:30
12 Thursday, May 10 Section 3.1, up to p.218
13 Monday, May 14 Finish Section 3.1 Skim p. 223
14 Thursday, May 17 Section 3.2
15 Monday, May 21 Section 3.3
16 Thursday, May 14 Section 3.4
17 Monday, May 28 Section 3.5
18 Thursday, May 31 No reading
19 Monday, June 4 Final Presentations

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