Physics I Syllabus

Unless otherwise stated, all readings are from Six Ideas.

Daily Readings

Class Date Reading Comments
1 Thursday, September 10 -- --
2 Monday, September 14 Introduction, Chapters C1 and C2 Just skim the intro and Chpt. 1. Be sure to read section C1.7, however. Read chapter C2 carefully; we will discuss it in class on Monday.
3 Thursday, September 17 Chapter C3 and C4.1-C4.4 Focus on Chapter C3; you'll need this stuff for the first homework assignment. If you're not familiar with vectors, I strongly encourage you to try the exercises in the text as you read.
4 Monday, September 21 Chapter C.4 Section C4.7 is for entertainment purposes only. I think you'll find it interesting. I won't assign any problems on this, though.
5 Thursday, September 24 Chapter C.5 Don't worry too much about section C5.6.
6 Monday, September 28 No Class! Faculty Retreat
7 Thursday, October 1 Chapters C.6 and C.7
8 Monday, October5 Chapter C.8
9 Thursday, October 8 Chapter C.9 Note that the "Math Skills" Section at the end of the chapter explains summation notation. You may wish to read this before starting the chapter. Don't worry about the details of the examples on pages 124 and 125. If the math makes you dizzy, don't fret.
10 Monday, October 12 Chapter C.10
11 Thursday, October 15 Exam!!! The exam will cover up to and incuding the material in chapter C.8.
12 Monday, October 19 Chapter C.11 The potential energy diagrams section is good to understand; it's really the only way to get the stuff about bonding energies. However, I won't require any homework based on section 11.2.
13 Thursday, October 22 Chapter C.12
14 Monday, October 26 Finish C.13, Chapter N.1 N.1 is Mostly introductory material. Do not be alarmed by the calculus that starts appearing. It isn't necessary for what we're going to do. The main thing to get out of N.1 is an understanding of velocity.
15 Thursday, October 29 Chapter N.1
16 Monday, November 2 Chapter N.2
17 Thursday, November 5 Chapter N.3
18 Monday, November 9 Chapter N.4
19 Thursday, November 12 Chapter N.5: Only sections 5.1 - 5.3
20 Monday, November 16 Final Exam
21 Thursday, November 19 Discussion of Chaos --

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