Introduction to Scientific Computing.   Instructor: Dave Feldman
College of the Atlantic

This course is the first of a two course sequence covering a range of standard introductory physics topics. The goals of the course are: to introduce students to important physical ideas both conceptually and mathematically; and to help students improve their quantitative skills. The first part of the course consists of a broad look at the three conservation laws: the conservation of momentum, energy, and angular momentum. Along the way, we'll learn about vectors, work, potential energy, thermal energy, and the energy stored in chemical bonds. We'll conclude with a treatment of Newton's laws of motion. If time permits, we may briefly cover some topics from chaotic dynamics. Evaluations will be based on participation in class and lab, weekly homework, and two untimed, open-notes exams. This course makes extensive use of algebra and trigonometry. Potentially difficult math topics will be reviewed as necessary.

Prerequisites: A strong high school algebra background, or consent of the instructor. Level: Introductory. Class limit: 20. Lab fee: $40. Meets the following degree requirements: ES QR