Final Projects

The final project/paper for this class is a chance to dig deeper into some topic related to quantum mechanics that is of particular interest to you. It is a chance to customize the course. There are three general options.

  1. Work through the derivation of the Bohr energy levels for hydrogen starting with the Schroedinger differential equation. This option will require several additional class meetings, likely in the evening, and having a strong calculus background. Along the way you will learn some general techniques for solving ordinary and partial differential equations.
  2. Prepare and deliver a presentation on some aspect of quantum mechanics. You could explore an interpretation of QM or a particular application, scientific or technological. You could also read and critique a biography of one or more of the early quantum scientists. You could also apply or use ideas from QM in an original work of fiction or art.
  3. You could write a paper instead of giving a presentation. Your paper should be 5-7 pages. It need not be a research paper; it could be a creative exploration or reflection on some of the themes of the course. I am open to alternative writing assignments, but you much clear them with me in advance.