Statistical Mechanics: Resources


This is, of course, only a partial list.
  1. Nigel Goldenfeld, Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group. Addison-Wesley. 1992. Clear, well written graduate level text. Covers many of the topics we'll cover in the class.
  2. Julia Yeomans. Statistcal Mechanics of Phase Transtions. Clarendon Press. 1992. Excellent overview of the modern approach to phase transitions. Extremely clear, doesn't get bogged down in mathematical details. Good place to turn to when you're confused about the big picture or main ideas.
  3. Mark Newman and Gerard Barkema. Monte Carlo Methods for Statistical Physics. Oxford University Press. 1999. Excellent book on Monte Carlo methods. Along the way, includes some great discussion of critical phenomena and statistical mechanics.
  4. Binney, Fisher, Dowrick, Newman. The Theory of Critical Phenomena: An Introduction to the Renormalization Group. Clarendon Press, 1992. Very clear book, focusing on an thorough treatment of the field-theoretic approach to the renormalization group. Also has nice discussions of other techniques in critical phenomena. Good place to go if you want more detail than Yeomans provides.
  5. David Chandler. Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics. Oxford University Press. 1987. Very good modern overview of stat mech and critical phenomena. Covers most of the topics we'll cover in this course.
  6. Claude Garrod.
  7. Beck and Scholgl.



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