Final Projects

The final project is a chance for you to dig deeper into some area of the course and/or to connect the themes and ideas of the class to other interests and passions. The specific format is quite open. Below are some guidelines.

  • As a default, you should plan on giving a presentation in class of ten minutes in length, and will write an annotated bibliography.
  • However, many other formats are possible. But if you wish to do another format, you'll need to let me know by week seven.
  • Some of you may wish to build something or create some artwork. If you do this, I'll also want a short piece of writing discussing the work.
  • If you want you can collaborate with another student and do a joint project.
  • Your project should be the result of a moderately large amount of work. This isn't a term-long project, but it shouldn't be something done in a few days. Sustained effort and thought over a period of a few weeks will result in a much stronger project than something done hastily.